How to Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

A sliding glass door is a wonderful addition to any house because it allows significant amounts of light to penetrate a living space and absolutely improve the décor. Sadly, sliding glass doors pose as a weakest point in regards to the home's security and have become the primary targets for most burglars. If you are planning to set up a sliding security door or have already installed one, it is imperative to be aware of the security weak points concerned and how to rectify them.

Vulnerabilities associated with sliding glass doors

The lock

It is undoubtedly the weakest spot on the sliding door. Many siding doors feature a single locking mechanism, which is rather simple to defeat. An intruder simply needs to pry the locking mechanism open or hack it by means of a hacksaw.

The brackets

The brackets serve to hold the fixed panel in position. Bolts on the brackets can be simply unfastened from the outside, allowing entry to an intruder.

The glass door

Intruders are courageous enough to smash right through the glass itself. Further to that, burglars may also lift the whole door out of its path using basic tools.

Making secure your sliding glass door

In terms of securing your sliding door, follow the three-pronged strategy recommended by experts, which includes dissuade, detect and delay. To dissuade or deter means to put off the intruder from even trying to break in. To detect entails the use of cameras and sensors to discover a break-in, and delaying means giving the intruder a hard time gaining entry into your home. On the basis of these 3 strategies, the following are ways through which you can fortify your sliding security door.

Additional locks

You are aware of the greater risk facing the single locking mechanism characteristic of the sliding glass door. You can add other better locking mechanisms to complement the normal lock. The best lock devices to set up are those that lock the sliding door to the wooden or metal frame. Consequently, they protect the door from shifting vertically or horizontally once it's closed.

Safety bar

A safety bar stops an intruder from lifting the door off its track. Safety bars are very strong and can hold out high force levels. Simply purchase a safety bar from your local hardware store.

Reinforced glass

If your pocket permits, install a stronger glass on your sliding door. Consider using a glass embedded with wire or double paned glass for extra strength.

Home surveillance systems

Glass shatter sensors as well as motion sensors may add further layer of protection to your sliding security door and notify you anytime there's a breach.