Staying Connected: Keeping your Business Running While Waiting for Your Internet Connection

The ways businesses connect with customers, other firms and government is changing. Customers now expect to be able to deal with companies they do business with online, suppliers often have electronic ordering systems, and some government departments now require reporting to be done through online portals. It's no surprise, therefore, that in 2014, nearly 95% of Australian businesses had access to the internet. Unfortunately, a new internet connection can take some time to install; wait times for standard ADSL connections are about 10 working days, and for connections to the National Broadband Network (NBN), up to four weeks. Read More 

Commercial Data Centre: Organising the Cabling Network

When building or upgrading your commercial data centre, there are different factors that you must evaluate to ensure that maximum efficiency will be achieved. One of the critical considerations is the organisation of the pertinent room. In simple terms, the data centre will consists of numerous components such as servers, end devices, network switches and the data cabling. If these are not managed properly in the physical space, you will experience difficulties when troubleshooting and performing repairs and maintenance tasks. Read More 

Features to Prioritise When Considering a Home Security System

Investing in a home security system is not simply about opting for bells and jingles that will cause a ruckus the moment your home is breached. With advancements in technology, these security systems now offer a myriad of features that not only work toward protecting your home, but could also decrease your insurance premiums due to the measures you have taken to keep your residence and belongings safe. As such, it is always best to know what are the pertinent features that you would need that would enhance the overall security of your home. Read More