4 Reasons Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras Are Ideal for Protecting Your Business

CCTV camera systems allow you to monitor your business premises, deter wrongdoers and help ensure that any criminals who target your business can be brought to justice. Since they are such an important part of your overall security setup, it makes sense to compare the various types of CCTV cameras to pick out the best one to fit your needs.

In many cases, that will mean using more than one type of CCTV camera, and one or more pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras should definitely be included. These can tilt up and down, swivel left and right and zoom in and out, and here are just four reasons why they are ideal for protecting your business.

1. Wide Coverage

PTZ cameras are ideal for covering larger areas since they can move in multiple directions to ensure all angles are covered. Many can move from their standard position to a 180-degree tilt or a complete 360-degree pan. This means you can use relatively few PTZ cameras even when you have a large area to cover. Additionally, the ability of PTZ cameras to cover such areas makes them ideal to use in conjunction with fixed cameras.

2. Remote Control 

PTZ cameras can move automatically, but they can also be adjusted remotely. This is ideal when you have security staff monitoring the area live. They can view one or more PTZ cameras and react in real-time to any type of security risk. This can even be done from afar if cameras are connected to the internet, so you can check on security yourself from a compatible device.

3. Detailed Zoom

Most security cameras cannot zoom in real-time, which means they don't tend to be very detailed. However, PTZ cameras allow for optical zoom, which means they can zoom in extremely close while keeping a relatively clear picture. This is ideal for security since it helps pick out things that might otherwise have been too blurry to use, such as license plates and faces.

4. Automatic Monitoring

Newer PTZ cameras offer advanced software that can automatically monitor different areas. This means you can set your PTZ camera to move automatically according to a pre-set schedule. Additionally, many new PTZ cameras have the ability to detect motion and then follow that motion through the entire available field of view. Even if there is nobody viewing the camera feed live, any potential criminals will be tracked as they move across your premises.

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