Why You Should Call a Software Installation Company

Computer systems are a vital part of almost every modern business, but the extent to which those systems are properly maintained varies widely between companies. Only a large business can afford to maintain its own dedicated IT department, which often leaves smaller businesses dependent on their own internal resources. The problems with 'going it alone' Most people who use computers for work don't have great technical knowledge. They know how to turn on the computer and which buttons to press to complete whatever their particular job may be. Read More 

NBN 4G Lift Phone Upgrades

With the rollout of the NBN across Australia, the vast majority of emergency lift phones, due to their reliance on the old exchange-to-customer copper network, are slowly but surely being replaced with 4G lift phones. Regulation dictates that emergency lift phones are always operational, and so these replacements must be completed before each building is NBN-enabled. The new 4G lift phones are the go-to replacement for a few reasons. Firstly, their use of the 4G network makes them more reliable. Read More 

3 Factors to Consider Before Drawing Your Building Designs

One of the essential tasks in the process of construction is developing a building design. This is because it provides you with the opportunity to meet an architect and state what you would wish to have in your building. Based on these specifications, the architect will develop the building plans, and construction will only commence once you have given the final approval. Below are factors that you need to consider before initiating the process of drawing your building designs. Read More 

Staying Connected: Keeping your Business Running While Waiting for Your Internet Connection

The ways businesses connect with customers, other firms and government is changing. Customers now expect to be able to deal with companies they do business with online, suppliers often have electronic ordering systems, and some government departments now require reporting to be done through online portals. It's no surprise, therefore, that in 2014, nearly 95% of Australian businesses had access to the internet. Unfortunately, a new internet connection can take some time to install; wait times for standard ADSL connections are about 10 working days, and for connections to the National Broadband Network (NBN), up to four weeks. Read More 

5 Reasons Your Computer Might Be Crashing

Most of the time, crashes are only a minor inconvenience, but when they happen regularly, it's a signal that something is likely to be wrong. Below are five of the major causes of PC crashes and what can be done about them. 1. Viruses & Malware From the early days of the internet, this has been a huge problem for computer users. The moment that your computer starts acting strangely, this should be a prompt to run a scan—they are simple to do and can be done in the background while other programs are being used. Read More