A Guide to Business CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are one of the best ways of enhancing security in homes, businesses or public places. The systems not only offer surveillance but also help to deter criminal activities. For a business owner, a CCTV system offers the following benefits: 

  • It may help reduce your insurance premiums, saving you a lot of money over the years.
  • It helps add value to the property.
  • It helps monitor employee behaviour—for instance, you can know which employees were late and which employees are productive in the workplace.
  • It can provide important evidence in case a crime such as sexual harassment happens at the workplace.
  • It can help your business seem more secure to customers.
  • It can provide you with customer data, so you can learn things like which products interest the customers, which staff members customers prefer to go to, and during which times you have the most customers. 

If you want to install a CCTV system at your business, below are a few considerations to make. 

What exactly do you want to monitor?

If you want to boost security, then the systems should be installed around the premises, covering every inch of the property to ensure that they capture everyone who is entering and leaving the premises. If you want to monitor your employees, then the systems should be installed inside the premises. Visible CCTV systems will deter employees from irresponsible behaviour while hidden cameras will let you know which employees misbehave at the workplace. 


You must respect the privacy of individuals when installing CCTV systems. For instance, it would be wrong to install the cameras in washrooms or changing rooms. Once CCTV installation is complete, you must handle the footage responsibly. Only authorised personnel should be allowed to access the footage. Also, never attempt to distribute CCTV footage without the consent of those filmed. 


The system should integrate with other business security systems such as alarm systems. For instance, if you have access control, CCTV will provide footage of who accessed the area. You can also use it as part of gate security systems. 


There are many CCTV installation companies in the market today. As such, do some research on their quality of services vis-a-vis the installation costs. Do not buy a system simply based on its price.  

When installing a business CCTV system, consider what you want to monitor, the privacy of people on the premises, the integration of the system with other security systems, and the installation costs.