How an Upgraded Whiteboard Can Make Meetings More Effective in the Office

No doubt most companies have at least one whiteboard in a conference room or elsewhere in the office, and they may use it regularly for meetings and presentations. Whiteboards have seen many improvements and upgrades to their overall design in the past few years, and an upgraded whiteboard from companies like Vista Visuals Australia Pty Ltd can make those meetings and presentations more effective than ever before. A popular choice today is called an interactive whiteboard, which hooks up to your computer and interacts with you as the user and with special software meant for the board. Note a few features these boards offer and some tips for using them more effectively in the office.

1. Saving annotations

You can project an image on an old, standard whiteboard and then write over that image, but your writing itself can't be saved as a new image; it's strictly drawn on the board itself. With an interactive whiteboard, you can write on the board and then save these annotations separately on your computer. Your notes can also be saved with the old image together for an entirely new image. This saves you the work of having to add those same notes or marks to the image in your computer itself; you won't overlook or forget any annotations or additions to the image when you can save it right from the interactive whiteboard.

2. Network connections

Because the whiteboard works with an internal computer program, you can connect other users over a network and, if they have the same interactive software, they can work with the board from their own computer. Your salesperson who is on the road can have the whiteboard program installed on his or her computer and when they dial into the meeting, they can make marks and notes on the whiteboard that everyone sees in front of them. Remote users then don't need to miss out on the meeting or send in their notes before or after the meeting when they too can interact with the whiteboard from any location.

3. Hyperlinks

An interactive whiteboard will show live hyperlinks, and since the board is communicating with your computer, you can open the hyperlinks right from the board as you would from your computer screen. This eliminates the need to have attendees in the meeting open up tabs or screens in order to check websites during a presentation. Online information can be seamlessly incorporated into a presentation on the board with this feature.